YWCA has a number of unique sponsorship opportunities that will also raise brand awareness and your corporate profile.

Some of our sponsorship opportunities include: 

  • By getting employees involved, your company can attract and retain good staff and benefit from increased staff loyalty and motivation.

Employee Involvement

Partnering with a not for profit can help motivate your employees and assist in staff development and team building. Partnering with YWCA can help employees see immediate benefits within their own communities. For example, Employee fundraising has real benefits for both employers and employees and is a great way to boost morale plus it’s also a lot of fun. You might select in-house fundraising activities on your premises. Inter-company or inter-departmental competitions, bespoke team building challenges or send staff away on treks or challenge, all to raise money for YWCA and build team spirit along the way, providing shared goals and a single purpose.

Integrated Corporate Partnerships

Corporate partnerships are based on mutual benefit and can be integrated throughout the company. Partnerships which are integrated are beneficial for several reasons:

  • They allow employees to become engaged in a worthwhile cause in a tangible way and on a long-term basis.
  • A long-term partnership can increase PR opportunities and prove to stakeholders a genuine commitment to helping others.
  • Staff engagement and volunteering leads to better staff morale and retention