Every Girl | positive change

Every Girl is a program for girls ages 9-12 years to achieve positive change, enable the development of strong self-esteem, to grow in confidence, and to decrease bullying and stereotypes. Using a strengths based approach and a human rights framework, this cutting edge program guides girls to create new areas of resilience, and to help them find their voice through civic and community engagement.

Through a series of eight 90-minute workshops, girls will explore community connectedness, human rights, personal voice, and respectful relationships.  The journey will culminate in a participant-directed community event that highlights the skills and learning acquired over eight weeks.

Every Girl will equip girls to achieve positive self-esteem, healthy peer and interpersonal relationships, as well as to overcome challenges and to critically assess the structures of disadvantage and inequality.  It will engage young women in local, national and global change, and provide participants with further opportunities to make a positive contribution to their community.

Every Girl will be offered free of charge to girls from locations of greatest disadvantage across Australia.  It will provide a flexible and adaptable model that can be replicated in a variety of settings, such as schools or community groups, for maximum impact, although delivery through schools is the primary objective. Please view the following link for more information

   “I learnt not to discriminate against anybody and that everyone has equal rights”

“I learnt to believe in myself and help others in need. I also learnt that we should never quit. “

( Mount Lockyer Primary School participants)